1- Detection of epstein-barr virus DNA in langerhans cell histiocytosis     

Authors:   Khoddami, M .,Nadji, S.A.Dehghanian, P. Vahdatinia, M.Shamshiri, A.R.    

Journal: Jundishapur Journal Of Microbiology     


 2- Important drug classes associated with potential drug–drug interactions in critically ill patients: highlights for cardiothoracic intensivists

 Authors: Baniasadi, S.Farzanegan, B.Alehashem, M.

  Journal:  Annals of Intensive Care

 3- Effects of propofol versus isoflurane on liver function after open thoracotomy

  Authors:  Dabir, S.Mohammad-Taheri, Z.Parsa, T.,Abbasi-Nazari, M.,Radpay, B.,Radmand, G.

 Journal: Asian Cardiovascular and Thoracic Annals

 4- Health care associated middle east respiratory syndrome (MERS): A case from Iran

 Authors: Moniri, A.,  Marjani, M.,  Tabarsi, P.,  Yadegarynia, D., Nadji, S.A.

  Journal: Tanaffos

5- Disseminated Kaposi's sarcoma with the involvement of penis in the setting of Hiv infection

 Authors: Farshidpour, M.,  Marjani, M.,  Baghaei, P.,  Tabarsi, P.,  Masjedi, H.,  Asadi Kani, Z.F.,  Nadji, S.A.,  Mansouri, D.

 Journal: Indian Journal of Dermatology

 6- Radiologic manifestations of pulmonary tuberculosis in patients of intensive care units

Authors: Hashemian, S.M.,  Tabarsi, P.,  Karam, M.B.,  Kahkouee, S.,  Marjani, M.,  Jamaati, H.,  Shekarchi, N.,  Mohajerani, S.A.,  Velayati, A.A.

Journal: International Journal of Mycobacteriology

7- Telomere shortening in blood leukocytes of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

 Authors:   Sadr, M., Noori Mugahi, S.M.H.,  Hassanzadeh, G.,  Nadji, S.A.,  Kiani, A.,  Abedini, A.,  Javadi, A.,  Mohammadi, F.,  Masjedi, M.R.,  Bahadori, M.

Journal: Tanaffos

 8-  Potential drug-drug interactions in cardiothoracic intensive care unit of a pulmonary teaching hospital

 Authors: Farzanegan, B.,  Alehashem, M.,  Bastani, M.,  Baniasadi, S.

Journal: Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

9- Expression of two basic mRNA biomarkers in peripheral blood of patients with non-small cell lung cancer detected by real-time RT-PCR, individually and simultaneously

 Authors: Karimi, S., Mohamadnia, A.,  Nadji, S.A.,  Yadegarazari, R.,  Khosravi, A.,  Bahrami, N.,  Saidijam, M.

 Journal: Iranian Biomedical Journal




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